Recruiting Foreign Teachers
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Changchun University of Technology (CCUT) is recruiting English teachers for the School of Foreign Languages and the School of International Education. Qualified candidates will be native English speakers who hold a bachelor degree or higher and who are in good health. Candidates with previous teaching experience will be given preferred consideration.

Salary: CCUT offers a competitive salary and benefits package. The salary will be USD1,000 per month, and summer and winter vacation salary will be USD500. Each teacher will receive USD350 summer and winter vacation allowance. Salary will be paid by RMB in cash. CCUT offers a round-trip ticket between the nearest direct international airport in the teacher’s home country and Changchun, China or the equivalent of the tickets in cash after the one-year contract terminates. There will be free Chinese classes for all foreign teachers.

Vacation: In addition to a 6-week winter vacation and a 5-week summer vacation, the foreign teacher will enjoy all the Chinese holidays and two days off for Christmas, one day off for Thanksgiving, and one day off for Easter.

Accommodation: CCUT will provide a furnished apartment with two bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen, and one bathroom, free of charge.

Workload: There will be not more than 20 contact hours (45 minutes per contact hour) per week, and English Corner once a week. The main subjects to be taught are English Conversation, English Writing, Literature, Business English, and Communicative English. Both the undergraduate English majors and postgraduate students have studied English for about ten years and are well-equipped to study enthusiastically with kind and energetic native English speakers.

Contract renewal: Upon completion of the one-year contract, the university and the foreign teacher can discuss about signing a second one-year contract. The one-year contract can be renewed on the agreement of both parties.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!


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